About Us

At Indigo, we are anchored in co-creating experiences that are rich in inclusivity, expansion, inspiration, fun, challenge, sharing and encouraging each other to be the most optimal and best versions of themselves - on that particular day or moment.  Variation is always experienced in our lives and our wellness practice, choices, and activities should be a reflection of that.  

We offer a broad exposure to different talents brought together by a shared vision to be conduits and champions towards a joyful life experience. Each talent will co create these experiences with your highest self in the driver's seat.  From movement classes involving yoga and other modalities, to intuitive reiki sessions and / or Healy frequency sessions, you will find a place here.  We have personalized coaches offering partnerships that go beyond the expected and will exceed your initial idea of what a coach can do for you!

Indigo on Main is the transformation from Indigo Yoga loft.  This shift in the name is the result and current reflection of many years learning, growing, shifting and exploring with amazing friends and colleagues into a space with much more to offer.  We hope you will agree.

We appreciate your interest and support as we initiate this community space. Our intention is to remain transparent to you all and allow flexibility in our scheduling as we grow into this business.  Each of the talents will be independent in their payments and schedules and while we understand this is a shift from the more traditional studios, we hope you will find it acceptable and relatively easy.  If we need to adjust this in the future, we will certainly do so.

We are excited to join the downtown Washington, PA community and make a home here.  We are even more excited to meet you!

Some photos from Yoga with Lambs on 4/14/24 - Thanks to Ross Farms for sharing