Jill Sansom

Jill Sansom

Indigo On Main Owner, Yoga instructor, Reiki Master & Integrative Nutritional Health Coach 

My passion lies with collaboration and making wellness accessible to others through movement, breath, stillness, nutritional guidance, coaching, energy healing, conversation and fun.  As an empath and someone that loves to learn and explore, I feel blessed to co-create experiences that lead towards optimal and joyful lives.

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My Experiences

Yoga Group Class

Various styles of yoga classes designed to offer variation, modifications, intensifications and curiosity to compliment any level of yoga experience.

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Yoga Private / Corporate

Private sessions to build on your specific needs and desires. These sessions can be held at Indigo On Main, virtual or at your corporate location. 

Reiki Session

Self discovery and explorative Reiki session with coaching/conversation, meditation and Reiki.

Custom Session

These are co-created experiences where we design a session to complement your needs - may be movement, yoga, Reiki, coaching or a combination of all.


30 minute discovery session to explore the right service for you. 

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My Story

My interest in collaborative/integrated  wellness and health started from my youngest days, when I would find myself consuming all kinds of material, friendships, and experiences  to satisfy this curiosity. I have always been amazed at all of the complimentary ways to care for ourselves and have used this learning in an integrated way as I made my way through my adult years to support self, family and various career choices. 

I have worked in formal healthcare settings in direct patient care and administrative roles. I have had the privilege to travel and represent a diverse population in healthcare foundation work, volunteer activities, as well as wellness and fitness industries. And I have had the great fortune to meet and be supported by a great network of friends, family and very significant others. I am a parent, golden retriever momma, mammographer, wellness advocate, nature lover that enjoys outside activities such as biking, floating in the ocean and as already said….learning.

It is difficult to identify myself through the traditionally accepted labels of career, schooling and life choices, as they feel somewhat limiting. I would rather attempt to describe myself as a collection of experiences, inspirations and challenges that happened exactly as they were supposed to, so I could arrive at this current situation with gratitude, grit and grace. (again…shout out to the people in my life that have supported and mentored me!)

Many years ago, I was offered the opportunity to relocate back to the Pittsburgh area and the next chapters of my life unveiled. Yoga teacher certification and integrated nutritional health coaching, along with the intuitive Reiki master training have all occurred at precisely the correct time, so that I could launch this current partnership at Indigo On Main.  

This latest rendition of a brick and mortar business is heart based, and formed on the foundation of partners that share the common desire to create experiences towards the best health and wellbeing of our community. Through this partnership, we will offer various yoga and movement group and private classes, events, reiki healing sessions, Reiki training events, various types of coaching, personal essential oil blending and much more. We can all appreciate the magnitude of tackling a business as a sole entity, but with the collaboration of others, we are determined to be an anchor and support to the community. I want to personally thank you for trusting us to be a part of your lives and want to extend the invitation to reach out to me, or any of the partners for sessions, classes or general information.